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How Pachama collaborates on a unified fabric

“We get a lot of reusable workflows and it makes it fairly easy to share complex machine learning and different dependencies between teams without actually having to put all the dependencies into one container.”

Bernhard Stadlbauer

Data Engineer at Pachama

Scalable pipelines for Gojek’s ML Platform

“Gojek is experiencing rapid growth and incorporating machine learning into various products. To sustain this growth and guarantee success, a reliable and scalable pipeline solution is critical. Flyte plays a vital role as a key component of Gojek’s ML Platform by providing exactly that.”

Pradithya Aria Pura

Principal Software Engineer at Gojek

Declarative infrastructure powers Embarks compute resources

“You can say, ‘Give me imputation’ and [Flyte™ will] launch 40 spot instances that are cheaper than your on-demand instance that you're using for your notebook and return the results back in memory.”

Calvin Leather

Staff Engineer and Tech Lead at Embark Veterinary

MethaneSAT leverages abstracted data flow for massive data processing

“We’re going to have 10,000-plus CPUs that we plan to use every day processing the raw data. There’ll be 30 different targets that we’re collecting data on every day, and it’s that’s about 200 gigs of raw data, and then our estimate is for final data, we’re probably like two terabytes or so on the output. So a lot of data to process, and we’re leaning heavily on Flyte™ to make that happen.”

Nicholas LoFaso

A Senior Platform Software Engineer at MethaneSAT

Freenome uses an extensible plugin system for data and ML workloads

“Flyte is really execution engine agnostic and so like if you wanted to run Spark workloads if you wanted to run pytorch workloads uh or whatever else like you know AWS batch or Google AI platform or something like that like we can basically write a plug-in uh that would work and you know some most of these plugins already exist.”

Jeev Balakrishnan

Staff Software Engineer at Freenome

Infiniome experiences ease of use and reduced friction

“One thing that I really like compared to my previous experience with some of these tools was the local dev experience with pyflyte and the sandbox reduce that friction between production and dev environments so that was really nice for me to see it.”

Krishna Yeramsetty

Principal Data Scientist at Infinome

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Harness the power of modern AI orchestration with our comprehensive checklist, which breaks down the advanced features and unprecedented functionality of the Flyte platform.

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